Piet van den Bemd -Marlins, certified – IAATO & AECO Guide Skipper.

Photographer based in Norway, who loves adventure, meet people & explore.
During my childhood I developed a strong fascination for nature and wildlife. By the hand of my parents I travelled to many different continents and countries, experienced different cultures and more wildlife than there was left in the Netherlands. When I got my first camera at the age of 16, I became passionate about photography and found a new way to look at nature. When I visited the arctic regions of northern Norway at the age of 17 I lost my heart to the beauty of the North right away. The diversity of wildlife, landscapes and culture made my heart beat faster. With a background study of ecology I realised soon how rapidly those places are changing and the treats they face.
After a few seasons working in the North as a whale watching guide I made the decision to stay and live here.

Inspired by the beauty and freedom of our oceans and pure wilderness of the North. Seeing things rapidly changing and disappearing makes me sad every day. Sharing the remained beauty by photography, creating awareness and interest to this fragile environment and the ocean inhabitants is the daily motive for me to keep moving and photographing. To secure and conserve the future of those last  “untouched’’ places in the world.

With a camera in my hand, a new adventure ahead of me but most of all a lot of motivation I just want to keep going and sharing my enormous passion with all of you!
#Winter Love in Norway, come to Bø | Visit Vesterålen.
Industry:  Travel & Tourism, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Landscapes, Nature, Ocean. 

The Franz Josef Fjord and Kong Oscar Fjord systems are part of Northeast Greenland National Park, the world’s largest national park. Scoresby Sund is the largest and longest fjord system in the world. We anticipate exploring these fjord systems to the extent made possible by ever-changing ice conditions.

This whole area contains some of the Arctic’s most impressive scenery. Deep fjords and narrow channels, flanked by ice-clad peaks up to 2000 meters high, reach far into the mountainous heart of Greenland. Tidewater glaciers create colossal icebergs that float with wind and tide throughout the fjord system. On shore, fields of multicolored tundra are home to musk oxen and Arctic hare. The landscape—vast, open, and seemingly untouched since the beginning of time—is a hikers’ paradise. Throughout this area we also find ancient Thule archeological sites, historical trappers’ huts, and modern Inuit hunters’ cabins.

The Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit is the only permanent settlement in the region. The community boasts an excellent museum, a gift shop, a post office, an abundance of Greenlandic sled dogs, and of course the opportunity to meet Inuit people.

The days are filled with memorable excursions, sumptuous meals, presentations by our experts, and enough stunning scenery to fill your camera and overwhelm your emotions. Each night brings new possibilities for incredible displays of aurora borealis—the Northern Lights. This is the perfect time and one of the world’s best places to experience this otherworldly celestial phenomenon.